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When you look at any market, and specifically long established methods or practices within those markets, the biggest disruptions are born out of occupational health and safety concerns.

The rise in weld cleaner machine use is driven by the dangers of pickling paste use. Now there is a safer alternative to post weld cleanup.

Post weld cleaning and polishing of stainless steels has been practiced for decades using pickling pastes. These chemical based pickling paste products contain a combination of nitric and hydrofluoric acids which cause serious burn injuries when in contact with the skin. They are primarily used to post weld clean stainless steels and can be applied by brush or by a spray on process. Lower viscosity formulations may reduce the risk of spatter but the best safety procedures always come undone by a series of minor failures and mostly caused by ignorance of the danger these products pose.

To avoid workplace injuries and their subsequent workcover fines, compensation payouts employers are now looking to alternative methods of post weld finishing as part of their risk and hazard reduction processes. The most common approach to improve safety in the work place is the switch to an electropolishing process where possible. Electropolishing machines, also called weld cleaners operate by passing an electrical charge of relatively low voltage between workpiece and brush whilst in the presence of an acidic solution such as phosphoric acid.

When weld cleaning occurs in stainless steels the electropolishing process dissolves the microscopic high points of the materials whilst removing iron selectively which results in both an increase density of chromium and a smooth surface that prevents bacterial contamination due to the smooth surface.

Electron beam microscopy showing surface finish between pickling paste, AC brush and mepBLITz DC weld cleaner

Electropolishing is often described as electroplating backwards, the key however is to remove the microscopic high points at a much faster rate than the low points or valleys. In the image above, experiments conducted for Metal Science by the University of Wollongong shows the surface finish after using pickling paste (left), an AC brush (centre) and a DC brush powered by the mepBLITz i5 (right). The smooth surface on the right image shows the advantage of electropolishing.

The below text is sourced from the test results on the Easykleen website

“The excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel can only be achieved if proper cleaning and finishing operations are carried out after any fabrication process as there will have been damage to the surface condition. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel arises from a chromium oxide film that forms a protective layer naturally on the surface of the steel. The chromium oxide film is extremely thin, a few angstroms, but strongly adherent and chemically stable which is commonly referred to as ‘passive’. The film is formed when chromium reacts with oxygen. The film may be described in chemical terms as a Chromium iii oxide (Cr2O3 )”

Tokentools have expanded their range of weld cleaning machinery and have sourced the best products available on the Australian market. The EasyKLEEN range of weld cleaner electropolisher machines is manufactured in Australia and offers the most comprehensive industry warranty up to 10 years.

Tokentools have expanded their range of weld cleaning machinery and have sourced the best products available on the Australian market. The EasyKLEEN range of weld cleaner electropolisher machines is manufactured in Australia and offers the most comprehensive industry warranty up to 10 years. The machines we sell are models Easykleen TEC Brush, Easykleen Plus Brush, Easykleen Pro S-10, Easykleen Pro S-15, mepBLITz DC i5, mepBLITz electropolisher bath accessory.

You may view the range of machines (link here) that we stock

The range of weld cleaning chemicals spans from food safe PH neutral right up to highly acidic phosphoric acid. The fundamental difference boils down to acidity and the more acidic your weld polishing chemical is, the faster you can complete the process. The full range of electropolisher chemicals is here

Weld cleaner Brushes are made from carbon fiber and have been developed by Metalscience to be long lasting and capable of handling the current flow when in use. Brushes are made to suit each of the machines so when looking to replace a brush simply select the filter on the brush page that matches your weld cleaner and the appropriate list of carbon fiber brush will display. The complete weld cleaner brush section is here.

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Recently Andrew (T) provided feedback on his experience using the Metalmaster Pulse 250P Mig Welder and Elite 215 AC DC Pulse Tig Welder. Andrew shared images of his impressive projects.

“Just a bit of feedback for you guys. I just recently finished this 7.5 mtr Alloy boat Trailer using the 250 Pulse mig and 215 Elite tig. I’m happy to say both did a fantastic job I have been using these machines for a while now with no issues whatsoever, the tig has built dog crates boat canopies water tanks quad bike accessories in both Alloy and stainlesss steel. The mig did take a little while to fine tune but when I did what a powerful little machine that is, happy to say it’s equal to some very expensive brand names I use on a daily basis.
All the best guys (tig brush hey might have to get me one of those)”

Thanks Andrew for the awesome pics and good luck on your future projects of which we are sure there will be plenty.

Aluminium Boat Trailer Built With Metalmaster 250P Pulse Mig Welder and Metalmaster ELITE 215 AC DC Tig Welder Plasma Cutter


An impressive trailer that gave Andrew great satisfaction during and after the build.








DIY Aluminium Dog Box welded with Metalmaster MIG250P Pulse MIG Welder ans Metalmaster Elite 215 AC/DC Tig



Aluminium DIY Tool Box welded with MIG250P Pulse MIG Welder and ACDC Tig Welder (Metalmaster 215 Elite)


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Welding of stainless steels affects the chromium density of the surface which leads to poor appearance and subsequent corrosion when left untreated. There are a few way to clean up post weld and if you do a lot of stainless welding you want to avoid that nasty pickling paste process and invest in an electropolishing machine.

Why the machine, well, the best way to post-weld finish stainless steel is by electropolishing, which for those not in the know is an electrochemical process that rebuilds chromium throughout the weld surface by increasing it’s density and as a result restores the chromium’s ability to create an oxide film.

stainless steel weld with heat affected zone that is lacking chromium oxide

stainless steel weld with heat affected zone that is lacking chromium oxide

Stainless steel is corrosion resistance due to the formation of a chromium oxide film that forms the protective layer naturally on the surface of the stainless steel. This chromium oxide film is strongly adherent despite it being quite thin but most importantly it is chemically stable which is commonly referred to as ‘passive’. The chromium oxide film is created when chromium reacts with oxygen. Interestingly you may have seen some stainless steel rusting with a surface effect called tea staining. This is caused when dirt on the surface of the stainless prevents the oxygen molecules from bonding with the chromium and rust appears. By keeping the stainless clean the chromium oxide layer is kept intact and the passive property of rust prevention remains active.

So why does welding have an effect on stainless steel joints? The welding process adds extreme heat and this causes severe chromium depletion not only at the weld surface but through out the weld affected area, that is the portion that was heat affected. By only using a mechanical process and limiting the removal of surface material such as oxide scale only half the job is done as the weld area remains chromium depleted with regards to the original components of parent stainless steel.


process3It is critically important that stainless steel does not lose chromium from the surface, when the weld heat affected zone becomes is depleted of chromium, the surface corrosive resistance level is severely reduced and the weld along with it’s boundary that is heat affected is therefore vulnerable to corrosion and other effects such as loss of reflectance and poor cosmetic appeal. Would you buy a spit roast from stiffy if he had dodgy looking welds, no way. Below is a graphic showing the molecular structure of the chromium oxide layer.


Introducing the modern labour saver, the electropolishing machine. Electropolishing selectively dissolves the microscopic high points of the stainless and selectively removes iron so increases the chromium density and creates a microscopically smother surface on which bacterial contamination cannot bind or hide.

Many years ago, back in the transistor radio dark ages, electropolishing of stainless steel could only be performed by the immersion of the work piece in  an electrolyte solution. As you can imagine, due to the varied sizes and shapes of weld sections this wasn’t always possible, practical or cost effective.

Australian ingenuity coupled with dogged determination has produced several stainless weld cleaning machines. With the Metalscience mepBLITz and TIG CHAMP BRUSH DC PLUS it is now possible to weld and then immediately after cooling finish the same weld with a mirror like finish that is chromium dense. It doesn’t matter if you weld on-site or in the workshop, each and every weld can be processed easily as the electropolishing rig is portable and runs on 240V single phase supply.

The Metalscience stainless cleaning machines require minimal labor to be invested in producing great results so in effect yield faster production than other cleaning processes and put savings into your pocket. The mepBLITz uses a food grade acid that combines a phosphoric acid with several sequestering agents to deliver a dramatic improvement in operator safety.
The mepBLITz and TIG CHAMP BRUSH DC Plus range of electropolishing products will return the characteristic properties of stainless steel to it’s maximum effect of being chromium rich, metallically clean and free from stress, a smoother surface with reduced microscopic cracks, minimum absolute surface area and chemically passive.

Contact the sales team at Tokentools on 1300 881 991 if you would like to seek more information or you can follow the link to our electropolishing machine here to buy online within Australia


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10 step buying guide tig welder

Tig Welder


About to considering buying a new TIG welder? Before you part with your hard earned, there are important and key points to know first.


  1. Transformer or Inverter

Until 2005 transformer machines were very common in the new machine market and due to their limitations in control and weight have been replaced by modern inverter welder products. Transformer machines would step down the primary input, either 240V single phase or 415V 2 / 3 phase to a lower voltage welding current and then step the output in an attempt to create a square wave output. The devices used for creating the stepped output were triacs. Generally pulse weld output and frequency control were not achievable in affordable units so the control panels are relatively simple.  Your budget will address this one as transformer machines are mostly found in the second hand resale market.

Inverter machines despite their complex build are relatively simple in design. The incoming supply is rectified into DC. The DC current is inverted to AC by way of a full or half bridge inverter circuit at high frequency and then the AC is stepped down via a transformer. The output of the transformer is rectified into DC and this current is used in straight or alternating reverse polarity by a second stage transistor array. What are the benefits of an inverter machine? Read on.

tig bead stack of dimes

Precise arc control with an inverter tig welder

2. What are the benefits of an inverter welder?

Due to the high frequency used to create the inverted AC wave in the step down transformer, magnetic flux is reduced and as a result the transformer shrinks in size and weight. When comparing a 50 Hz 200 amp transformer from an old transformer machine to a 100Khz 200 amp transformer from an inverter machine the difference can be 80:1, that is 80 kilograms to 1 kilogram. This is all to do with the operating frequency of the step down transformer.

So weight is the first key benefit, next is control. Modern inverter machines control the inversion of the AC before the step down transformer so they can also pulse the current. This type of product is called a pulse welder.

3. Do I need a pulse Tig welder?

Pulse welder mode is a beneficial feature that can assist the operator in lowering the overall weld current by pulsing it. When a pulse completes there is a period of time when the base current is introduced and it is lower, generally by 30%, than that of the pulse. This pulse base cycle allows the material to melt and solidify and achieve a level of melt that prevent excess or runaway heat so is an ideal process for thin walled material, and whilst we are on the subject of material….

4. What material can be welded with a TIG?

A TIG machine can weld any material. Think of the TIG as an electron beam heat pump with electrons flowing from negative to positive electrodes. When you add heat to a metal and enclose it in an inert gas shield that metal will melt. All metals are TIG welded with a negative electrode except aluminium or it’s alloys which requires an alternating current. Aluminium is covered with an oxide layer that melts at 3 times it’s temperature so when using an AC waveform the oxide is removed from the surface when the TIG torch is charged positively and the aluminium work piece melts when the TIG torch is charged negatively. If you don’t plan to weld aluminium then a straight DC welding machine is suitable. If on the other hand you plan to weld all materials then your only option is to invest in an AC/DC TIG. Machines with ACDC wave forms are more expensive as they contain a second stage transistor array for switching the output current in either straight or reverse polarity.

Tig welding control with a single knob


5. How many controls are required to weld?

Only one control is required and that is amperage , the other controls just make things easier. For AC welding having a balance control is a must and a frequency control for the AC waveform is icing on the cake. Consider the type of welds you will be creating and there is no harm in getting a very complicated product. Just because a feature is there doesn’t mean it needs to be used but as you grow into a product and gain experience you will find more adjustment can be introduced to your welds by using these extra features.



6. Multi process or Multi Function or single function?

If you buy a multi function welding machine, you can do several things such as MIG and TIG or TIG weld and Plasma Cut. It is advantage to buy a multi function welder every time and here is why.

When it comes to inverter based machines they already have an inverter circuit creating welding power. This welding power is available in either constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC).  A CV machine like an inverter MIG can also be CC machine like a stick or TIG welder simply by switching what it is controlling, that is instead of being a MIG and controlling arc voltage, it starts to control arc current and works as a Stick welder. With plasma cutters it is the same process but they operate at a higher voltage around 100 volts DC under load so they have a second transformer winding and changeover relay to switch the plasma current from the step down transformer to the output.  Our machines have a 5 year warranty regardless of whether they are single function or multi function welder products. The only time you would specifically stick to a single function product is when it is located in a fabrication shop and it is being used for one purpose most of the time, in such cases staff sharing the different functions is counter intuitive to productive work places just to save a few bucks.

digital dc inverter tig welder front control panel Metalmaster 200D Pro

Digital Tig Welder Control Panel

7. Do I need a digital panel or are analogue knobs ok?

Analogue panels are fine and have plenty of control. The Metalmaster analogue panel machines still have a digital control board with microprocessor control but employ analogue to digital converts which allow the operator to still experience old world charm on a modern machine.

If on the other hand you want every possible feature available then a digital panel allows for maximum features in the smallest space. Digital welders also have memory functions that allow the saving of preferred parameters and are ideal in fabrication shops where jobs can be stored and recalled at the press of a button.



8. How many amps will I need?

TIG welder penetration is all about amperage with a rough guide being 30 amps per mm of material thickness in aluminium and 25 amps per millimetre in steel. These figures are for full penetration into the material and don’t take into account weld joint type, ambient temperature or mass of material being welded. For a 200 amp machine you will easily weld 8mm plate from one side and if you want to go really thick you can pre heat with LPG or propane in order to raise the surrounding weld area by a few hundred degrees.

9. Duty Cycles, what are they and do they matter?

A duty cycle is the rating the manufacturer gives a welding machine so that the operator has a clear idea of how useful the machine is for welding at high amps or for prolonged periods. The duty cycle of an inverter welder is given as a percentage of time in a 10 minute period that the machine can output the set current at an ambient air temperature of 40 degrees celsius.

For example there are cheap 200 amp welders that quote a duty cycle of 20% at 180 amps, this would indicate very poor performance at 200 amps. To the contrary, Metalmaster ACDC TIG welder products have a rated duty cycle of 60% at 200 Amps making them ideal for dependable use for prolonged periods of time.

10. What to expect with a long welder warranty.

Warranty on welding machinery varies between manufacturers with most being between 1 and 3 years. It is critical to read the fine print of any warranty as some only warrant control boards for 1 year whilst covering a transformer (which will never fail) for 3 years. All Metalmaster welding machines come with a 5 year warranty for parts and labour giving the original owner many years of peace of mind.

You can further read about our range of DC Tig welders here or see our AC/DC Tig range here.


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Now you can swap power10 welding gas cylinders for speedgas bottles on a 1 to 1 face value exchange

Now you can swap power10 welding gas cylinders for speedgas bottles on a 1 to 1 face value exchange

Great news for owners of Power 10 gas cylinders, now you can swap any Power 10 welding gas bottle for a Speedgas cylinder of equivalent size and type for a super low price. After speaking with many customers over the years one thing that kept cropping up was the longevity of the gas supplier. It’s all well and good that you can buy your welding gas bottle from Power10, Pure Gas or Speedgas but what happens if one of those suppliers is unable to refill?

Now that Speed gas is swapping not only their own bottles but also Power10 cylinders it means your investment just got backed up by a big player in the industrial gas supplies industry and you have more refill options than ever before.

Lets look at some of the cost benefits and you will quickly see the savings adding up.

Current power10 welding gas prices are as follows;

C Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $195

C Size Cylinder – Refill – $45

D Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $335

D Size Cylinder – Refill – $95

E Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $469

E Size Cylinder – Refill – $149

G Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $559

G Size Cylinder – Refill – $179

C Size Cylinder – First Purchase – DO NOT OFFER

C Size Cylinder – Refill – DO NOT OFFER

D Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $350

D Size Cylinder – Refill – $120

E Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $480

E Size Cylinder – Refill – $160

G Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $640

G Size Cylinder – Refill – $220

C Size Cylinder – First Purchase – NO COMPARISON

C Size Cylinder – Refill – NO COMPARISON

D Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $15 Saving

D Size Cylinder – Refill – $25 Saving

E Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $11 Saving

E Size Cylinder – Refill – $11 SAVING

G Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $81 Saving

G Size Cylinder – Refill – $41 Saving

As can be seen by the above comparison table for welding gas it is cheaper to swap your power10 bottle for a speedgas welding gas cylinder as savings are achieved across all product offerings.










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Demand for inverter welding machines and the competition in this segment of the market has never been greater and the consumer has the advantage with manufacturers bundling features in order to carve out their niche. To succeed in this segment we have launched our latest inverter welder development, the Metalmaster Miniarc 200ST aimed at the commercial segment with features that will impress and a price that will give you change from $400 and a 5 year warranty.

The Metalmaster Miniarc 200ST inverter welder features 3 modes of operation. MMA stick welding with VRD protection that can be deactivated to provide MMA Stick welding with an open circuit voltage of 70V DC. TIG welding is available using a tru lift arc start so even then stainless sheet or tube can be welded with ease. VRD mode output voltage is 15V DC and can significantly reduce the risk of injury when welding in hazardous locations.


Inverter arc tig welder with vrd

Portable Inverter Welding Machine with VRD Arc Welding and LIFT TIG modes Metalmaster Miniarc 200ST


The very portable Miniarc 200ST is compact enough to be carried by hand or over the shoulder as it has both carry handle and strap fitted, the strap may be removed by releasing the push button buckle. The welder weighs in at 6.3KG and whilst not the lightest in this market segment, it is not flimsy with a full 200Amp duty cycle achieved at 30%, 142Amps at 60% and 110Amps at 100%.


Miniarc 200ST inverter welder front including large style 35-70 dinse sockets

Metalmaster Miniarc 200ST inverter welder front including large style 35-50 dinse sockets


The Metalmaster Miniarc 200ST has industry standard 35-50 dinse sockets on the front panel and ships with 25mm copper work cables shrouded in orange PVC. A plastic carry case is included to keep your kit together and job ready. The mma electrode holder is a twist lock type rated to 400 amps and can easily hold electrodes to the maximum welding capacity of the welder. The job clamp is rated to 300 amps and has an copper equipotential bonding strap that links both jaws together enabling the current to flow to the jaws without burning out the spring loaded hinge pin.


The main control panel is very easy to navigate and contains all settings in an intuitive format. The multi function digital display shows selected amperage, power status and overheat modes if duty cycle is exceeded. Welding modes are easily selected being either MMA VRD, MMA or LIFT TIG. Amperage is digitally controlled via an analogue to digital converter so is accurate.

Metalmaster miniarc 200st inverter welder control panel

For more information the product may be viewed on the national welding supplies page or directly at this link. The instruction manual for the Metalmaster Miniarc 200ST may be downloaded here





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Mig, Tig and Multi Purpose Welding Machines

welding machines available exclusively through

AC DC Welding Machines

At, we pride ourselves on carrying a large range of welding machines with convenient access to information and sales via the web, we aim to service the entire Australian welding industry.

We have selected a range of MIG, TIG, MMA and Multi Purpose inverter-based welding machines ensuring we have a machine for any welding application.

Whether you’re a handyman requiring a reliable machine for DIY jobs around the home, a car enthusiast or mechanic, or a general engineer or industrial level welder – we’ve got something for you. If you can’t find the machine you want simply contact us and we’ll find the machine you need.

All of our Metalmaster welders are backed by a 60 month warranty and are sourced from leading manufacturers, allowing you to buy with absolute confidence.

Are you looking for a good quality versatile welding machine but do not have time to go to a hardware store and purchase one? Or is it, that the machine you are seeking is not available in ready stock? Are you also looking for a vendor who provides efficient after sale services without any surprises? Then, log on to Tokentools Australia and all your troubles will be taken care of.

We are leaders amongst online sellers of welding machines and cater to customers across Australian cities, suburbs and rural areas. Unlike other stores, we are specialists, and only deal in welding machines and related equipments and accessories. Visit our website and choose from a variety of products such as MIG Welders etc. We are experts in the field and sell only high quality products. Each and every product we offer is designed to delight and serve our customers.

Here are some of the many reasons to choose us to be your equipment supplier?

You may want to choose us because, we:

  •     Provide a selection of welding machines to choose from.
  •     Are Australian based and offer many types of multipurpose welders under one roof.
  •     Deal only with reputable suppliers suppliers who have fully developed infrastructure like service centres, availability of       spare parts, etc for all products including TIG Welders.
  •     Provide a massive 60 months warranty on every machine purchased through us.
  •     Provide a dedicated sales and support team to assist our customers with all dealings. Our experts will give you all the           professional advice you need and help you in purchasing the right product too.
  •     Employ technicians with experience who are available to serve you and answer any of your queries. We also offer                 information through other sources like blogs, customer reviews, feedback etc. which you won’t get in any hardware             store.
  •     Sell products at very reasonable prices, which are discounted and some of the the lowest priced in the market.
  •     Focus only on providing the highest level of service and selling welding machines of the highest quality and trusted             brands.
  •     Provide efficient and fast order processing services. We ensure that your product reaches your doorstep at the earliest,       regardless of volume, size or weight.
  •     Use fast means of transportation via reputable carriers which ensures your product is delivered to you in the fastest             way.
  •     Have an interactive and secured web platform with product information, manuals, images, videos etc. Log on to our             website and see for yourself, you’ll immediately have access to all the information you need about the machine. The             information available via our online store is 100% authentic and can be relied upon.
  •     Have a website with EV SSL certification and have a secure payment gateway for payment through Paypal, credit and         debit cards,purchase order, in store pickup, money order and EFT.

We are all about Welding Machines

Our massive range of welding machines from a variety of Australian multi purpose welders. We supply welding machines that are very versatile and may be used in different applications within industry. These are handy and do not require too much ongoing maintenance. Our website also has inverter based MIG welders which are in a class of their own, and work on 15 Amp power sources; it makes these machines portable and handy. They are lightweight and ideal for use in home workshops, rural workshops etc.

You’ll also find a huge range of welding accessories, consumables and other equipment on our website. For any sort of assistance call us directly, Tokentools Australia on 1300 881 991 and one of our expert support staff will help you. You may also send us your queries or feedback via email. Contact us to to have that new buyer experience. We are always dedicated to serving our clients in every manner possible and ensure that they choose an appropriate product for their needs.

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Metalmaster 250P pulse mig welder by Tokentools P/L Australia

Machines offering multi process features are gaining popularity

Welding machines with multi-process capability have quickly earned favour amongst welders and it is with good reason as they offer features that do the work of several products.

At the core of any modern welding machine is an inverter, simply put, it converts the low frequency 50Hz supply into a high frequency 25 Khz to 150 Khz supply which when used with a corresponding transformer reduces the weight considerably. Think of the inverter as an engine and think of the functions of the welder as things you can do with an engine. It quickly becomes clear that multi process machines simply share the inverter and each functional output whether it is AC or DC welding current, MIG or Plasma capability is a manipulation of the step down transformer’s output.

In the comparison table below each multiprocess feature is contrasted against a corresponding welding machine to allow for the easy comparison of welding processes.

 Metalmaster TIG200D  200 Amps  No  No  160 Amps  60%  2 in 1  Yes
 Tokentools Alupulse 200  200 Amps AC

200 Amps DC

 No  No  160 Amps  60%  3 in 1  No
 Metalmaster Alusync 215  210 Amps AC

210 Amps DC

 No  50 Amps  160 Amps  60%  4 in 1  Yes
 Metalmaster 210 Pro  

210 Amps AC

210 Amps DC

 No  No  160 Amps  60%  3 in 1  Yes
 Metalmaster Elite 215  

210 Amps AC

210 Amps DC

 No  50 Amps  160 Amps  60%  4 in 1  Yes
 Metalmaster Elite 256  

250 Amps AC

250 Amps DC

 No  60 Amps  200 Amps  35%  4 in 1  Yes
 Metalmaster MIG 210S  200 Amps DC  200 Amps MIG  No  175 Amps  35%  3 in 1  Yes
 Metalmaster MIG250P  250 Amps DC  250 Amps MIG  No  200 Amps  35%  3 in 1  Yes
 Metalmaster 320 Pro  

320 Amps AC

320 Amps DC

 No  No  250 Amps  35%  3 in 1  Yes

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Many of the welding machines sold online by Tokentools are used to fabricate components for individuals involved with home projects right up to industrial customers but every now and again we are fortunate to be in the service of skilled legends that possess great knowledge and passion with an inspirational dream that manifests into reality.

Arne boat build progressing in 2012 with Tokentools MIG Welder atop the vessel

Arne boat build progressing in 2012 with Tokentools MIG Welder atop the vessel

Arne striking a pose in front of his awesome ally boat

Arne striking a pose in front of his awesome ally boat

It has been quite a few years since I met Arne at the Wyong welding store way back in 2011 when he told me about his ambitious project. Arne was a freshly retired boat builder and was planning on building himself a small boat to celebrate his retirement. This was an ambitious project that required a dedicated site for the boat build and around 3 years of fabrication. I had no idea how big the boat was until Arne shared some photos with me. That’s not a boat I thought, that’s a bloody ship.

Arne used a Tokentools Alupulse AC DC Pulse Tig Welder, a TT MIG 205 Inverter Mig Welder and a TIG Welding Water Cooler. During the build Arne burnt through many rolls of wire and numerous kilograms of tig filler wire. As a supplier of quality welding equipment this was a great opportunity to receive feedback on our products as well as witness their use on a daily basis.

exterior front view of the sirius as it is nearing completion

exterior front view of the sirius as it is nearing completion


In the time the project took to complete Arne had gone through two spool guns and two water cooled Tig torches which is not bad considering the amount of welding required to finish the job. Next time someone carries on that you need to spend 10K on a Miller or Lincoln or Kemppi or Fronius welder in order to build something great perhaps instead consider that all you need is passion for what you want to achieve and persistence. When Arne shared his photos with me I was immediately drawn to the level of knowledge and experience he had in building a boat of this size from scratch.

Arne is quiet spoken man, he exudes great confidence yet is humble and does not self promote. Although planning took a lot of time, within three years Arne had taken this project from first arc strike to completion and fitted out the

The bridge is almost complete on this epic boat build using Tokentools welders

The bridge is almost complete on this epic boat build using Tokentools welders

entire boat.  The mig and ACDC Tig welding machines used in the build have been superseded by newer models since 2011 and the addition of the Inverter pulse mig welder will enhance the process of aluminium boat building these days. The finished boat once launched below, quite a sirius build indeed 🙂





aluminium boat welded with tokentools ac dc tig welder and mig welder

aluminium boat welded with tokentools ac dc tig welder and mig welder

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The ALUSYNC (Alu as in  aluminium and Sync and in Synchronise) AC DC Tig model range has received it’s latest tech upgrade and transitioned into the must have welder for 2017. We are constantly assessing the feedback of our customers and user voice is a powerful tool for driving innovation. We wanted to continue with our direction of SMT digital architecture for the brains end of the welding range, just like we did years ago in the Alupulse 210 Pro and Metalmaster 215 Elite Digital Welder, but we did not want to give up the gentle control available from panel mounted knobs, nor the appeal of single glance settings recognition that can only be achieved with knobs. The solution of course was to hack both concepts together and incorporate analogue to digital converters that enable the best of both worlds.

Alusync 215 ACDC Tig welding machine features the following features.

acdc tig welders in australia from metalmaster welding supplies


  • Australian 5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty
  • AC Waveform for Tig Welding Aluminium and It’s Alloys
  • DC Waveform for Tig Welding Steel, Stainless Steel, other Metals
  • Built In 50 Amp Plasma Cutter
  • Full Function AC/DC Tig Welder to 210 Amps
  • Stick Welder to 170 Amps
  • IGBT Transistors Used For All Welding Inverter Sections
  • Over Current & Over  Temperature Protection
  • Digital Microprocessor Control
  • High Duty Cycle 60% at 210 Amps
  • Fan on Demand – Fan activates to cool welding power source as required
  • Rear Mounted Female Panel Socket For Tig Water Coolers
  • Clear Control Panel Cover That Flips Down To Protect Knobs
  • Pre & Post Flow
  • Up and Down Slope
  • Start Amps and Crater Amps
  • High and Low Pulse Welding Modes
  • Arc Force For MMA Stick Welding
  • AC Frequency and AC Balance Control
  • Digital Mode Selection Via Push Button Membrane Switches
  • 15 Amp Plug with 2 Metre (3 x 2.5mm) Input Supply Cable
  • HF Bush Button Ignition For Tig Welding Modes



The Alusync 215 AC DC Inverter Tig Welding Machine uses a high frequency ignition module to create the ionised gas path required to initiate the Tig welding arc. In order to facilitate an easy ignition cycle the start amps setting may be used to set a momentary amperage applied when the Tig tungsten electrode first ignites, similar to a hot start. The purpose is to heat the tungsten and ionise more shielding gas to provide stable arc ignition after which the arc power level either up slopes to the preset welding amperage or follows the input as set by the Tig foot control.

A clear plastic front cover has been added along with a new front end allowing even greater protection to the potentiometers. The digital amps display has been increased in size and all switches are bush button toggles allowing greater life expectancy than traditional throw type mechanisms.

Cooling is still taken care of by the large capacity high volume fan however a Fan On Demand (FOD) system handles the operation of the fan which results in a cleaner machine do to reduce particle intake when not welding. Other benefits are a quieter workshop in between welds.

Alusync 215 ACDC Tig welder control panel for multi process features and plasma cutter integration

AC welding frequency is available between 20 Hz and 250Hz with AC balance control values between 10% and 90% for cleaning of aluminium oxide layer. Pulse welding is available for both AC and DC Tig waveforms and the frequency range is 0.5Hz to 25Hz for low range jumping to 25Hz to 250Hz for high range.

When AC Tig welding aluminium at high amperage a Tig water cooler may be added as an option, we have included an IEC C14 socket on the rear panel to allow easy interfacing and synchronous switching, in other words, turn on the welder and the water cooler activates also.
AC DC Tig welder with water cooling power socket on rear - alusync 215 from metalmaster australia

The built in 50 amp plasma cutter offers 10 amps more power than the previous model which increases cutting capacity by 25%.

Silky smooth stick welding up to 170 amps thanks to the IGBT inverter core and ripple filtration achieved by the copper choke reducing the amount of AC ripple from the rectified output of the inverter providing near perfect DC current.

Over all we believe the new Alusync 215 AC DC Tig welding machine offers exceptional value for money and with the 5 year parts and labour warranty in Australia, provides peace of mind on a budget. For further enquiries or sales information please contact us on 1300 881 991.