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mig welders for sale   Your Welding processes, like every other part of your business, offers opportunities toconserve resources. Consider these 10 money-saving tips for MIG gun care and maintenance as agood first step. And don’t be surprised when you find these tips improve your welding performance along the way! 1: Protect your assets Keep […]

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The latest in Pulse tig welders is available from Tokentools. We have different models available in DC Pulse Tig welder such as the TIG160P and the TIG200P. In the ACDC welder range we have our AC DC Pulse Tig welders available in standard ACDC Tig or Multi Process Tig Welder. ACDC Pulse Tig Welders Pulse […]

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  Welding Rotator A Welding Rotator can increase welding speed on circular objects. Perhaps you should consider our welding rotator and positioner. A quality built unit featuring a digital programmable controller that will control the welding rotational angle, the dwell time and repeat. Need to weld 45 rotational degrees? No problem, just key it in […]

What is arc welding?

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WHAT IS ARC Welding? Arc or MMA (Manual Metal Arc) Welding is the oldest example of currently used electric welding procedures, and perhaps the most straight forward to use and understand. The principle of arc welding is simple; a relatively large current is passed through a welding rod (or filler rod) of the appropriate metal […]

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TIG Welding guide GUIDE TO TIG WELDING This is a free basic guide on how to do TIG welding using a TIG welder (Tungsten Inert Gas) TIG welding is a skill that needs to be developed over time, with a piece of metal in front of you and with a welding torch in your hands. TIG welding […]


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In regards to metals and welding machines, welding is a process that uses an electrical arc and an inert gas to permanently bond both parent materials together with or without the use of an additional filler material.   Digital ACDC Tig welder control panel Welding has become a commonplace practice due to the easy and […]

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Tokentools have recently updated the ebay vero page kept at this location, Tokentools Welders Vero Page. The VERO page exists to explain to the general public our policies in regards to trademark and image use. Damian Smith, head of IT said, “Selling on ebay is not without it’s rules and we must maintain our intellectual […]

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Exposure to welding light is dangerous. Are you safe? Sick of replacing torn welding screens? We listened and now we can offer you, an extremely durable and lasting solution. The Arcsafe Advantage! The traditional welding screen is a common workplace item but it is one that is often the cause of frustration. The thin PVC sheet is very […]

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Your search for Sydney Welders has led you to our online store where you will find many types of welding machines and welding accessories all very close to Sydney. Whether you are after tig welders or mig welders we have them in stock. Our arc welding machines range in amperage from 125 Amps right up […]

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Tig welding tungsten electrodes are available from Tokentools welders via the online store. The tungsten electrodes may be purchased in 10 packs or a mixed pack containing samples of each type. Tungsten electrodes used for tig welding processes are available in thoriated tungsten, xirconiated tungsten, lanthanated tungsten and ceriated tungsten.   tungsten electrodes   Call […]