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You may find yourself welding on the weekend with your trusty mig welding machine but something just isn’t right. You are getting lots of welding spatter and your best mate, the welding guru is out of town, what do you do? Well there are a few things that can be undertaken to remedy the situation. […]

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Customers often ask what benefits AC DC tig welders have when compared to the humble DC Tig welder. Depending on the model of Tig welder will dictate the optional settings however the main difference is the ability to weld aluminium. If you are in the USA, ok ALUMINUM. Alternating current or AC when used in […]

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Tokentools Servore Autolift 5000x The 5000X AutoLift allows you to switch from welding to grinding or chipping with just the touch of a button. The smooth power assisted movement lifts the front section of the 5000X AutoLift automatically giving you a clear, panoramic 180 degree view of your work and the worksite. Now welding is […]

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A Multi Process welding helmet allows the welder a greater degree of freedom over traditional automatic welding helmets. Firstly it is still considered to be an automatic welding mask however it can be used for welding, plasma cutting and grinding operations. Multi Process Welding Helmets Whether you need to tig mig weld, mma weld, do […]

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You saw a Plasma Cutter in action and were instantly attracted to it’s potential right? It happens to most blokes. Plasma cutters are incredible machines and smart operators can put them to use to generate incoming work. The relatively low cost of ┬áplasma cutting equipment means that sales have increased year on year. In the […]

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Easy selection of Welding machines, bolt on options and a range of accessories make your online shopping experience a snap with Tokentools Welders. Our updated web interface allows you to add options to suit your needs and configure products the way you want them.   Available welder options are enacyed by selecting from the drop […]