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Today we launch our latest project codenamed “Everlasting Gobstopper”. Our newly engineered  inverter welders bearing the trademark of Metalmaster provide an abundance of features that can only be summarised as “Awesome fully configurable MOFO welding power source”

Tokentools Metalmaster ACDC Tig welder Tokentools Metalmaster ACDC Tig welder

The new range is divided into two groups, the Alupulse Pro 210, Alupulse Pro 250 and Alupulse Pro 315. These machines have high bandwidth AC/DC Tig welding, Pulsing, AC + DC Hybrid Wave, VRD and much more. The variant to the

Sponsor Kar 333 in the Kidney Kar Rally

Posted: 25th June 2014 by admin in Welders
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The scent of welding fumes, engine oil, engine exhaust and other manly activities can often be found in Ted’s shed but more so as the time for the Kidney Kar Rally draws near.

tokentools sponsor kar 333kidney kar rally kar 333 tokentools sponsor kar 333

This year the Kidney Kar Rally is  from Gundagai to Cootamundra via Mt Gambier and is being run  between August 15 and 23rd.  Ted has entered Kar 333 and we are mustering support for his team. The Kidney Kar Rally raises money for Kidney Health Australia’s Kidney Kids Programs which allow children and their families living with and affected by kidney disease t

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Well it’s that time again, the clichéd EOFYS period where welding suppliers clear summer stock before the end of financial year by staging a huge sale event. Yes, we make it sound Parisian but  in reality it is just an opportunity to give our customers another reason to get welders for sale at  excellent prices. 

EOFYS - end of financial year sale End of financial year sale

Throughout the month of June we will be putting selected welding products on sale at reduced prices. Check back on our online store regularly for updates during the EOFYS event. All welding machines available during t