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Tig gas lens kits to suit a number of tig torches are now available from the online welding store. We have introduced two new kits that cater to users of WP SR #17, #18, #26 tig torch heads and also #9, #20 heads. Included with each is a set of ceramic tig torch nozzles in sizes 4,5,6,7,8 and collets. The gas savers are priced at $25 and $29 respectively these kits represent excellent value .

Metalmaster tig torch gas lens kit starter pack Metalmaster tig torch gas lens kit starter pack

The larger lens kit may be found

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Today we sold out of our Multi Function welder, the ACDC Tig plasma called “Alusync”….again :).

A quality product with 5 year warranty backed by competent staff will always be in demand!

I am taking a moment to address one of the most common questions asked by customers about these types of welding machines. It is a question of reliability of multi process machines compared to typical ACDC machines without the plasma component. It seems there are a lot of tech jockeys out there who are experts in how these products work and their consensus is that they are no good, best avoided. The freedoms gained with the internet allows these non pier reviewed comments to take hold however in contrast our own expert and experienced voice is here to equally counter them, and conditionally neutralise them.

Cheap Welders Are Crap
If a person, lets call him “BARRY”, is going to buy a multi process ACDC tig plasma welding machi