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Metalmaster 250P pulse mig welder by Tokentools P/L Australia

Machines offering multi process features are gaining popularity

Welding machines with multi-process capability have quickly earned favour amongst welders and it is with good reason as they offer features that do the work of several products.

At the core of any modern welding machine is an inverter, simply put, it converts the low frequency 50Hz supply into a high frequency 25 Khz to 150 Khz supply which when used with a corresponding transformer reduces the weight considerably. Think of the inverter as an engine and think of the functions of the welder as things you can do with an engine. It quickly becomes clear that multi process machines simply share the inverter and each functional output whether it is AC or DC welding current, MIG or Plasma capability is a manipulation of the step down transformer’s output.

In the comparison table below each multiprocess feature is contrasted against a corresponding welding machine to allow for the easy comparison of welding processes.

 Metalmaster TIG200D  200 Amps  No  No  160 Amps  60%  2 in 1  Yes
 Tokentools Alupulse 200  200 Amps AC

200 Amps DC

 No  No  160 Amps  60%  3 in 1  No
 Metalmaster Alusync 215  210 Amps AC

210 Amps DC

 No  50 Amps  160 Amps  60%  4 in 1  Yes
 Metalmaster 210 Pro  

210 Amps AC

210 Amps DC

 No  No  160 Amps  60%  3 in 1  Yes
 Metalmaster Elite 215  

210 Amps AC

210 Amps DC

 No  50 Amps  160 Amps  60%  4 in 1  Yes
 Metalmaster Elite 256  

250 Amps AC

250 Amps DC

 No  60 Amps  200 Amps  35%  4 in 1  Yes
 Metalmaster MIG 210S  200 Amps DC  200 Amps MIG  No  175 Amps  35%  3 in 1  Yes
 Metalmaster MIG250P  250 Amps DC  250 Amps MIG  No  200 Amps  35%  3 in 1  Yes
 Metalmaster 320 Pro  

320 Amps AC

320 Amps DC

 No  No  250 Amps  35%  3 in 1  Yes

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