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You may have recently purchased a welding machine, perhaps a mig or tig welder or even an arc inverter welder and you have plans for the very first project.  You plan to build a welding table. You are not alone in this as it is a very blokey thing to do. After you consider the cost of materials, the time to cut it up and weld it all together you may instead opt for the Nomad Welding Table from Stronghand Tools USA.

Nomad Welding Table for sale at Tokentools Online Welding Store Nomad Welding Table for sale at Tokentools Online Welding Store

At $295 including GST and free delivery to your door, the Nomad Welding Table is a sound investment. It features adjustable height and also adjustable tilt. It can be expanded in length by using two tables together with a connector plate in between. The connector plate is just another table top only without the legs so you end up with something that is 3 times longer than just one table on it’s own.

There are slots in the table that are designed to allow the insertion of many of the stronghand welding clamps and welding pliers to keep your work piece in position whilst it is being welded.

Whilst making your own DIY version is a fun sounding idea, assembling one out of the box is faster and you can get down to the real business of the shed, get your mates around for a beer and throw a green felt onto the welding table for a quick card game. One of the best features of the Nomad Welding Table is that it folds away for easy storage so you need not clutter the limited space you have left in the shed.

If you would like more information, the product may be seen here or you can give our knowledgeable staff a call on 1300 881 991.

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