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I often get asked what type of things can be welded using a TIG MIG Welder and whether the use of a PLASMA CUTTER is really that necessary. With thanks to Ted for supplying the pics and video, if you were a teen in the 80’s you will instantly recognise your dream car at that time. If you have the time and patience you can weld and cut anything and manifest your dreams into reality.




You will need a TIG welder if you want to custome weld intricate components in the cabin
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Customers often ask what benefits AC DC tig welders have when compared to the humble DC Tig welder. Depending on the model of Tig welder will dictate the optional settings however the main difference is the ability to weld aluminium. If you are in the USA, ok ALUMINUM. Alternating current or AC when used in […]

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As Welding equipment technologies mature it is inevitable Digital ACDC Tig Welding Machines find their way into the Tokentools Welding Equipment Supplies product line. Over 18 months of development and testing have produced a competitively priced ACDC Tig Welder with features expected by professionals. Digital ACDC Tig Welder Full arc control is included along with […]

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If you are on the hunt for new tig welders for sale, look no further than the Alupulse ACDC Tig Welder (Alu for ally, pulse for pulse welding) The Tokentools Alupulse 200 is a 240 volt full arc control, AC & DC TIG / MMA, HF TIG welding power source