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A multiprocess welder with 200 amp current, tig stick and plasma capability. Multiprocess Welder, Tokentools Alusync 200

The Alusync Multiprocess 200 amp machine is a great product for situations where portability and work space constraints are important. Featuring a fully adjustable TIG mode for both AC and DC currents including pulse welding in both modes, a stick welder and plasma cutter this product will appeal to a broad market segment.

The product includes all the torches and cables to get each job done and w

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Inverter multifunction welders have increased functionality over single function Welding Machines. These new types of multifunction welders often come in particular types depending if they are used for tig or Mig Welding processes. Multifunction tig Welder with plasma cutter In Tig Welding Machines the multifuncton component is always a plasma cutter. In Mig welding machines […]