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ACDC Welder AC DC TIG Welding Machine The hunt for Tig Welders Sydney is over and you are about to benefit from a wholesale direct relationship. Getting your Tig gear delivered direct to your door in Sydney, saving on the initial outlay and having a 5 year parts and labour warranty are all great reasons […]

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New Tig Welders 5 year warranty You can buy new Tig Welders from and receive a 5 year parts and labour warranty. All new Tig Welders automatically qualify and there is no need for you to fill out onerous forms. Further to this value proposition all new Tig Welders are delivered to your door […]

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Attempting a Tig weld on aluminium is best achieved with New Tig Welding Machines available via online welding distributors like no plug intended. Features found on modern inverter Welding Machines include AC DC balance, AC frequency, up slow, down slope, post flow, amperage…

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If you are on the hunt for new tig welders for sale, look no further than the Alupulse ACDC Tig Welder (Alu for ally, pulse for pulse welding) The Tokentools Alupulse 200 is a 240 volt full arc control, AC & DC TIG / MMA, HF TIG welding power source