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Metalmaster inverter tig welder 200D Pro

Metalmaster inverter tig welder 200D Pro

The TIG200D PRO is the latest addition to our growing family of digital inverter tig welding machines. Now encompassed by the high tech banner of our Metalmaster welding brand, the TIG200D PRO is the successor to our long standing analogue TIG200. Featuring an expanded array of features, the TIG200D is now fundamentally equal to the Metalmaster 210 PRO but without the AC welding function for ally or the price tag to m

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Tig Welders with Inverter IGBT Are Tig Welders with inverter IGBT transistors available from Tokentools? ¬†Of course. Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors A.K.A IGBTs are our preference when it comes to the power supply inside our Tig Welder Inverters. Our Tig Welders¬†ship standard with a 5 year warranty covering parts and labour and delivery to your […]