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Tokentools Pty Ltd continues to grow it’s range of welding rotators with two new models added to the product line up.

3 Welding Rotators From Tokentools Pty Ltd

The new models include the ROATA350 and ROTA450. Whilst all 3 models including the smaller ROTA300 feature digital controls, foot pedal and automation outputs, the two new models have a larger spindle bore and slower rotational speeds.

Head of product development, Peter Jones, explained….”It is imperative one calculates the rotational speed of the weld before investing in a welding positioner. Simply multiplying the workpiece diameter by Pi then by

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  Welding Rotator A Welding Rotator can increase welding speed on circular objects. Perhaps you should consider our welding rotator and positioner. A quality built unit featuring a digital programmable controller that will control the welding rotational angle, the dwell time and repeat. Need to weld 45 rotational degrees? No problem, just key it in […]

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The Welding rotators available from Tokentools in Australia are shipped to your door at no cost to you. The most popular unit is the ROTA300 Welding Rotator and is priced at around half that of most similar sized units. Welding Rotator Tokentools The ROTA300 welding rotator features a 300mm table, a digital control that can […]