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Often welders For Sale will be too far from the consumer and that is of course assuming the consumer found an advertisement in the first place. The power of the internet enables everyone to quickly search welders for sale and most Online welding suppliers will deliver the goods quickly. It is a dose of patience that is required when shopping online. Removing the urgency of a purchase will bring perspective to the consumer and a clear headed decision will be easily made. Tokentools welding equipment supplies sells Welding Machines Online and we ship Australia wide for free. Our welders for sale are of the highest quality and we provide a 5 year parts and labour warranty for your comfort. We have many welding machines for sale along with protective equipment and other welding supplies which is of course all brand new. We do not sell second hand welders. In Tig we have Tig Welding machines that feature ACDC or just DC. Some our our tig welding machines include an integrated plasma cutter. You may viw the category by clicking here tig welding machines In Mig there are Mig Welding machines that feature DC constant voltage (CV) or multi function mig . Some our our Mig Welding Machines include an integrated arc welder and tig welder also. You may viw the category by clicking here mig welding machines For Arc we feature arc welding machines that use IGBT transistors made by infineon. Some our arc welding machines include an integrated tig welder whilst some even have a built in plasma cutter. You may viw the category by clicking here arc welding machines Plasma cutting machines are very interesting and facinate many customers. Plasma cutting equipment has matured greatly in the last decade and as a result many home users have abandoned Oxy Acetylene bottles for the relatively inexpensive Plasma cutting machines. To see our range please click here Plasma Cutting machines Our welding equipment includes an array of accessories that are used by welders to facilitate easy progress through their welding projects. We have welding carts that can carry our welding equipment, we also sell austomatic welding helmets that shield your eyes from the arc that is struck when using welding equipment. Another useful tool is the welding rotator, also called a Welding Positioner. It can rotate a pipe to assist with welds that occur on a circular surface. You may see our range of welding equipment byclicking the adjacent link welding equipment This entry was posted in Buying a welder, Clasifieds – For Sale, Mig Welding, Plasma Cutters, Plasma Cutting, Products, Tig welders for sale, Tig Welding, Tokentools newsfeed, Welders FAQ, Welders for sale, Welding Guides and tagged arc welders for sale, best welders for sale, inverter welders for sale, mig welders for sale, plasma cutters for sale, tig welders for sale, tig welders for sale online, welders for sale, welders for sale online, welding equipment for sale, welding machines for sale, welding supplies for sale. Bookmark the permalink.

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